50º Anniversary

Iepark 50 Anniversary

The origins of IEPARK

At key times in our lives it is appropriate to stop and think for a while and the 50th. anniversary of our company IE Park is just such a time. It is an opportunity to take stock, to look back at the origins of the business, the now historic moment of when the company was founded, those early days, the dreams and ambitions of the time, the family and the numerous developments over the years. And it is a time to remember the many clients we have served and the many partners we have worked with on so many different projects.


So what are the origins of IE Park? How did it come about and how did it develop?

The year is 1965. It is the time of the great economic boom in Italy, the 60s, and a member of one modest family, the Munaris, is looking at developing new opportunities in his particular fields of expertise. As is the case with many entrepreneurs, our founder Corrado Munari understood that there was an opportunity to create a company that could offer specific technical analyses and competences, in addition to organisational skills. Up until this time, the family’s business activities were associated with agricultural services but Corrado realised there was a need for new ‘horizons’ for the growing family. In that same year he married Franca.

His family ties brought Corrado closer to the amusement business and the long-standing traditions of an industry that had existed in Reggio Emilia since the beginning of the century. This is how it all began, but without any capital, liquidity or property – just an idea and Corrado’s technical competence, his studies and knowledge of transmissions and electromechanics and his experience of cabling at Reggio Emilia railway station. As a result, he establishes the brand of IE Park – Impianti Elettrici per luna Park.

The company’s first premises were in Reggio Emilia, in Viale Regina Margherita, 47, a property purchased with the help of finance from a small local bank, while the first employees were members of Corrado’s family, including his brothers and father Andrea. And from then on the activities of the company steadily grew, soon becoming dedicated to the export market and attending exhibitions in France and Germany to show its new products. The words innovation, creativity and integrity describe well the company’s, and Corrado’s, philosophies but above all his success was also due to the love and passion he had for the work he carried out, for the industry and for his family.