Dear Sirs,
I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the company I chair. I.E.PARK-SOLI, located in Praticello di Gattatico, Reggio Emilia, Italy, is a leading manufacturer of amusement rides.

Our premises consist of a central manufacturing unit measuring 10,000 sq. m. along with two additional buildings which house the research department, technical offices, sales department and administration. In total the premises are more than 38,000 sq. m. in size.

Product range
Rides – Rollercoasters-Bumper cars

IEPARK-SOLI manufactures a wide range of products suitable for amusement and theme parks, family entertainment centres, shopping malls and many other leisure facilities. All our rides can be themed and/or customised to suit the client’s requirements.

Children – Family and Major rides. We include in this range the large variety of round rides, trains on rails, monorails, wheels, convoy of cars, swing ship, monorails, dark rides and flume rides.

today the variety of rollercoaster’s proposal goes from 46m to 460m of track with 18 different lay out and hights. They are all gravity coasters with trains from 14 to 24 seats. Custom made lay out are also available. Construction of 2 or 3 pipes tracks. Particular attention is dedicated to low vibrations and noise levels. Magnetic brakes and other safety and control devices made IEPARK’s rollercoasters among best build family rollercoasters in the world.
Soli Bumper Cars
SOLI bumper cars, are considered to be the best quality built cars in the world, and produces vehicles suitable for all ages: Junior-Mid Size-Adult .
The first SOLI bumper car was built in 1929 and today, more than 120.000 SOLI cars have been sold around the world. We can supply these vehicles with the standard pole power system (OHS) or with a floor pick up system (FPU).
The additions to the range of adult cars are always revolutionary-styled vehicles with many innovative features. Yet, production still include the ever-popular Xixa car arrived to the 5th model, and other products such as Buggy, 1936 and Gran Prix 1909.

A completely new concept in bumper cars was introduced by I.E.Park in 1993 in the shape of the midsize Hypnos vehicle, which again has proved very successful, while we also offer a range of children’s bumper cars which includes the Xixa Junior and a number of animal themed vehicles.

Today the MOTOGO - motorcycle bumper cars introduced in the year 2007 is setting new turning point for the junior bumpercar market.