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I.E. PARK INTERNATIONAL srl has been established as spin-off of the trading and consulting activities of I.E.PARK srl whom as been succesfully active in the amusement rides & leisure industry for over 40 years.
Today the leisure parks and entertainment centers demand also special projects, special services, knowledge, advices, consulting with the usual reliability that has always characterised the I.E. PARK production.

We can offer all this and the professional guidance that is required to do the job as quickly and cost efficient as possible, moreover we will be able to give you an advice that is based on your specific situation. The “international” profile and reputation achieved by I.E. PARK allow us to offer proper answers for all sorts of advice, support, and customized solutions, for your project.

Today the trading, intermediation, project management, financial advise and rental, aftersales services are as important as the manufacturing services, and IEPARK INTERNATIONAL srl is the complementary company to IEPARK srl with a dedicated organization.


Purchasing Services

IEPARK INTERNATIONAL offers cost-effective services to help the customer in making the best decisions involving amusement rides. With our extensive knowledge of rides and our international contacts we can help the customers in selecting the ride that will provide the best performance for your capital. We have been involved in hundreds of ride purchases, and our clients find that the direct economic benefits of our services are both cost effective and
profitable for them.


Consulting Services

With our extensive contacts throughout the international amusement industry, we can help you solve difficulties concerning rides or amusement parks. Whether it involves custom ride theming, design and park planning, management, safety, marketing.


Global Logistics

We are able to assist our clients in everything, as the completion of management of the installation process, staff training and the establishment of a dependable source for parts and service. Because of our experience in exporting/importing we have the knowledge to handle these functions.


Amusement Rides Rentals

We offer to qualified amusement parks and entertainment centres european rides on short or long term rental agreements.

General Reference List


  • Relocating 24 rides from Israel to Italy
  • Trading used 3 floors Dark ride from Italy to Republic of Georgia
  • Ride dentification, sourcing in Thailand and import in UK
  • Consultancy for amusement parks sale to different clients in Kuwait-Egypt-Greece
  • Purchase and Resale of Major Rides from Japan, including two large rollercoasters (in progress)
  • Consulting services to various company (in progress).


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