Family Rides

Drop Tower

We are also currently working on the Drop Tower projects, a mini Drop Tower rotating and a 16m Drop Tower, for the Far East/Asian market.   GALLERY

Tea Cups Sea

TECHNICAL DATA   Weight (without support frame) 196 kN (223 full load) Rotating Platform Speed 24 Rpm Rotating Plate Speed 8 Rpm Gondolas Speed free Capacity 5 adult passengers / cup-total 45 passengers Boarding simultaneous Voltage 3phase + neutral + earth (220/380/415 V) Frequency 50/60 Hz Motive Power 76 Kw Control Automatic/Manual   TECHNICAL DRAWINGS…

M8-125 Special

    TECHNICAL DATA   Overall Dimensions 25,5 x 16,5 x 5,5 m (Length x Width x Height) Track Development 120 m Motive Power kW 44 – 220/380/415 V 50/60 Hz Maximum Train Speed 7 m/sec Capacity 16 seats (300/400 passengers per hour) Cycle Time 30 sec Boarding simultaneous Moving System kick-off motors Operation Automatic/Manual…

Swinging Bears

TECHNICAL DATA MOTOR POWER: 4KW SEATS: 24 children or 6 adults + 12 children HRS CAPACITY: 600 passengers ROTATION: Clockwise RIDE RPM: 6     GALLERY   TECHNICAL DRAWINGS    

Fire Fighters

TECHNICAL DATA SIZE Ø 8,65 m HEIGHT 2,70 m NUMBER OF WEICHLES 5 WEIGHT 4,2 t PASSENGERS CAPACITY 480 passengers/hour POWER 5 kw NUMBER OF SCENES 3 or 4 costumized scenes NUMBER OF TARGETS 3 with lights and sounds + 2 dynamic every scene OPERATION simultaneus CONNECTIONS REQUIRED water connection + electrical connection GALLERY  …