Grand Prix


Technical data: Work’s tension: 90/110 volt Motor’s power: 0,5/1,2 kw lenght: 1,985 mt. Width: 1,160 mt. Height: 0,81 mt. Weight: 233 kg. Special Features: Steel Chassis Painted with Epoxidy Powders – 48/90 v dc motor with disc clutch – reinforced fiberglass body – standard bumper tyre Main Options: Colours at Request – rubber mats, rotating brush Capacity: Double Seater Car Suitable for Two adults from 14 years old



Laser Optional

An exciting, brand new concept in bumper cars has been completed by IE Park/ SOLI Bumper Cars with the installation and opening of a unique set of vehicles at Tivoli Copenhagen in Denmark.

The cars are made up of two groups which compete against each other during the ride cycle. Each vehicle is fitted with an infrared gun and also features five targets on board lit by LEDs. Additional fixed targets offering further scoring opportunities are also positioned on the perimeter walls of the track. When the targets are hit by members of the opposing team, the lights go off.

At the end of the ride cycle, the lights on the winning vehicle flash continuously, while a 50” TV screen scoreboard displays the results of the ‘game’ – best of game, best of the day, best of the year.