LED lights

The NK.01 features six headlights with LED lighting technology protected by impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses, offering a high level of lighting with low energy
consumption, long life and easy maintenance.
Controlled by the main electronic Master- MPD1board, they can create special lighting effects and in association with the way the vehicle is used, can highlight braking, crashes between cars,
the achievement of a goal, etc.

NK.01 LED Lights


Digital touch display

The Stealth features a digital touch screen with automotive technology.
This allows the client to use displays such as client advertising, company logos, car dashboards, the score of interactive games, movies or any video pre-loaded into the internal memory.
Using the on-board touch screen technology, the rider can select different modes from a special menu, which include:
− MUSIC. on board the car you can hear your favourite music, by means of an additional audio system
− GAMES. the display turns into an interactive electronic game console
− WEB CAM. the display functions are set by the installed software, while updates can be entered via WiFi

NK.01 Digital Touch Display


Web cam

The LED technology used allows for high resolution images even in poor lighting conditions and takes pictures up to 8m away.
It can be installed in different parts of the car, shows the other cars on the track and creates suggestions for games among the passengers on board the cars by sharing the images on the digital display.
This is only available in conjunction with the digital display on board the vehicle.

NK.01 Webcam