- Extra strong steel bearings. For precision driving. Maintenance-free.

- Sturdy steel chassis. The electro-galvanising treatment and subsequent epoxy oven painting ensure long life even in difficult environmental conditions.

- Sturdy rod support and reliable clamping of same by means of strong nylon ring. Extra safe rod insulation.

- Steel-wire earth contact brush with sliding contact in metalcarbon, for better electrical contact.

- Front side stabilisers in reinforced nylon projected towards the outer perimeter of the chassis for better stability in case of side bumps.

- Permanent magnet motor, sturdy, powerful, reliable and easy to service.

- Rubber tyre with special reinforced front section to permit a great impact absorption.



- Steering wheel and gum-shield in black polyurethane.

- Pole holder stylised cap, made of black polyurethane.

- Rear lights incorporated in 4 metacrilate shockproof protecting glasses. Screws made of stainless steel with convex socket caps.

- Front lights completely integrated and protected by clear shock-proof glasses.

- Front and low rear lights completely integrated for better protection. Made of shock-proof material for better resistance.

- Front and rear lights protected by external surround in polished stainless steel.

- Engraved and coloured front aluminium logo.

- Integrated two-points double inertial belts. Internal sides made of fiberglass with polyurethane foam. Sturdy polyurethane seats, easy to clean.