Merry Go Round

Jungle Carousel

Jungle Carousel


E Park has recently commissioned three attractions at Jungleland park in Jakarta, Indonesia. The rides involved are a 12m diameter Jungleland Carousel and two bumper car tracks, one measuring 12m x 24m and the other 7m x 11m.The Carousel includes a total of 50 seats on a variety of animals including ti- gers, lions, leopards,…

Old Style Carousel - OSC 85 A

Old Style Carousel


  Technical data Models 85 A 85 B 85 D 65 A 65 B 65 C 50 Classic Undersea Carousel Subjetcs 8 Big Horses 4 Medium Horses 12 Small Horses 2 Gondolas 2 Coach 2 Revolving Units 5 Big Horses 8 Medium Horses 1 Carriage 1 Gondola 1 Spinning Unit 6 Medium Horses 8 Small…