SURVEY – July 2020

Dear Sirs,
In order to understand best way to offer our services during this difficult time we kindly ask you to help with your answers to the below enquiries:

1.  Are you planning to attend to any event next 2020-21 ?

2.  If IEPark will participate to any virtual show could it be of your interest ?

3.  Which countries or part of the world you think you will feel confident to travel in the next months till end of the year 2020 ?

4.   Do you feel more safe to re-start attending exhibition from next year 2021 ?

5.  Which is the best way you prefer to be updated about our products ?

6.  How do you rate IEPark website ?

7.  How often you visit IEPark website ?

8.  Are you interested in Sanification products ?

9.  Do you retain Coronavirus COVID-19 will negatively impact your activity?

10.  Do you retain COVID-19 will negatively impact your sales resulting a drop?

11.  When would you feel comfortable traveling again regardless if you intend to or not?

12.  How you think COVID-19 impacted planning travel for business?

13.  Would you risk traveling to a place you wish to with COVID-19 outbreak in some areas?

14.  When allowed to travel, how soon would you feel comfortable to travel internationally?

15.  Expected Re-opening Date of your Park/FEC?

16.  Between the below Expected /announced restrictions, please comment

17.  How long do you think before your business and the Industry will recover from the Covid-19 in terms of revenues and customer´s attendance?

Thank you very much for your kind assistance. Much appreciate.
Will help us evaluate our participation to events and how stay in touch with you.

I consent to the processing of my personal data for sending communications within the limits set forth in this PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIES POLICY statement.