The boat ride is a water ride for children.
It is basically composed by 6 boats that can accommodate 4 children each for a total capacity of 24 children.
The ride is provided with a water channel in which are positioned the boats, connected by arms to a rotating center.
During the operation, the gondolas, placed in the water, start to rotate around a central axis.
The sensation is to be inside a real boat that floats in the river.
Generally, the ride is provided also with lighting lamp posts along the perimeter of the ride, a main control panel, an operator panel and electrical cables.
This amusement ride is particularly suitable for F.E.C and amusement park.
In particular, for indoor use it is important consider that the ride is very compact and can be easily installed in indoor areas. In fact, it needs 8m free diameter and minimum 3.2 m height .
The standard version is provided with a “Galleon” boat and “Tower Castle” center. However, the ride can be customized since that the gondolas model , central decoration and the colors can be totally themed and personalized.

Technical Data


Nr of gondolas: 6

Gondola capacity: 4 children

Total capacity: 24 children (360 passengers per hour)

Revolving Speed: 5.8 rpm

Boarding: Simultaneous

Shipping volume: 1×20′ box

Voltage: 3phase + neutral + earth (230/400/415 V)

Motive power: 1.8 kW

Noise level: less than 80db