The Crazy Cannon is a new funny interactive family ride composed by 4/5/6 cars moving simultaneously on a circular track.
Each car is equipped with two air cannons and balls and the scope of the game is to center the donuts placed in the ride center and accumulate max point, to be reward by tickets (optional: tickets only if requested by customer).
It is possible to collect the points and there is a score board placed above the central decoration that will show the winner car at the end of the cycle and the center baskets will flash using the same color of the winner car.
Notably, there are two different speeds:

  • Slow: adapt for children and family, in order to provide adequate time to the players to center the baskets
  • Medium: adapt for teenagers, in order to make the game more competitive

The CRAZY CANNON has a circular dimension of 8,7mt (10.4m including safety distance) and requires a clearance height of at least 4 mt.
The main structure is composed by the following components:

  1.  A circular track where the cars are connected the cars have a DC motor which take DC voltage from the track. It is possible to install 4 or 5 or 6 cars. Each car is equipped with 2 AIR CANNONS.
  2. In the middle is located a vertical structure where there are the lighting baskets, provided each one with 2 sensors. These baskets must be hit from the guests using the air cannons during the working cycle.
  3. The cannons take the balls through an aspirator from the circular channel located around the base, where the balls are accumulated during the cycle of operation (close circuit)

Technical Data


Weight: 2500 Kh

Number of Vehicles: 6

Passenger Capacity:
12 Players – 240 Players per Hour

Column’s faces: 5

Number of Targets:
6 targets each face (30 targets total)

Number of Vehicles: 6

Boarding: Simultaneous

Shipping Volume: 1×40′ box

3phase + neutral + earth (230/380/415 V)

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Motive power: 5 kw

Lighting &Game power: 7 kW

Control: Automatic / Manual

Noise level: less than 80db

Passengers restrictions:
Minimum admissible height 105 cm