I.E. PARK – SOLI manufactures and supplies amusement rides, rollercoasters and bumper cars for indoor and outdoor amusement parks all over the world.

The group was formed by I.E.Park (founded in 1965 by Corrado Munari) and Soli (founded in 1929 – when the first Soli bumper car was produced). With the aim to offer the best technologies and services, our business has been expanded in new sections of the family amusement industry. Today, thanks to the high content of quality, design, technical innovations, aftersale service, affordable prices, the whole range of products has experienced a continuous and growing success.

I.E. PARK – SOLI group, owned by Munari family,  is a leading firm in the international market of amusement parks industry and bumper cars.

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The origins of IE Park

The year is 1965. It is the time of the great economic boom in Italy, the 60s, and a member of one modest family, the Munaris, is looking at developing new opportunities in his particular fields of expertise. As is the case with many entrepreneurs, our founder Corrado Munari understood that there was an opportunity to create a company that could offer specific technical analyses and competences, in addition to organisational skills. Up until this time, Corrado realised there was a need for new ‘horizons’ for the growing family. In that same year he married Franca.

His family ties brought Corrado closer to the amusement business and the long-standing traditions of an industry that had existed in Reggio Emilia – Italy since the beginning of the century. This is how it all began, but without any capital, liquidity or property – just an idea and Corrado’s technical competence, his studies and knowledge of transmissions and electromechanics and his experience of cabling at Reggio Emilia railway station. As a result, he establishes the  brand of IE Park – Impianti Elettrici per luna Park.

IE Park is a bradly recognised international brand in the leisure and amusement industry, in continuous evolution for upgrading Products safety, design, tecnologies, organizational skills. Assisting the clients from design phase of custom made products, manufacture Supply, and installation and technical assistance for their products and their amusement projects.

With a background in electrical and organisational skills, Corrado Munari founds IE Park in Reggio Emilia, Italy. The first products to be manufactured are automatic controls, power controls, professional lighting systems and components, street illumination products, signs and rides for amusement (luna) parks, fun fairs and circuses and items for dance halls, both around Europe and globally.
Ride sales are also part of the company’s activities, while Corrado also organises a luna park summer tour in the former Yugoslavia. In 1971, he expands the company and finds new headquarter premises in nearby Praticello, adjacent to the A1 motorway.


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Our Values

We aim to be a modern and innovative producer of equipment for amusement parks and a developer of knowledge and opportunities for customers, helping to support and develop their businesses as the protagonist in a new era of entertainment. We are oriented to the future, with a consolidated base of experience and quality, sensitive to the needs of the customers and their targets market. We are a reliable partner for the provision of what is recognized as high added value, with a strategy of cooperation with the customer.

We believe that in the future quality and professionalism will be indispensable elements in the search for new partners. New technologies and new eco-friendly equipment will revolutionize production methods and the way we research markets. We are convinced that the customers will recognize in us as its supplier an increasingly important consultancy and cooperative role, one which I.E.Park has been ready for many years.

We are in business not only for business! Everything we do, we do with passion, first and foremost.
In this vein we attach importance not only to what we do, but also to how we do it. We pay great attention every day to how we relate to our company both from the inside and outside, as we want to be recognized for our value and for our values.
This is why our principles are ‘non-negotiable’ with regard to : respect for the law, respect for others, respect for the criteria of honesty, full moral integrity and an absence of distinction by race, religion or gender.

Our history is based on a strong and independent financial position. We enjoy a very high corporate rating thanks to the economic values derived from robust management of the business and the company. We have grown considerably over the years and wish continue to do so while maintaining our stability and reliability, pursuing ambitious and sustainable objectives. We follow the changes of a rapidly moving market in a dynamic and attentive manner.


IE Park has set up its own Research and Development department to ensure a more advanced approach in the areas of mechanical and electronic applications, givin more opportunity for innovation. This activity is carried out under a certified Project Management system that takes into account technological research and economic market implications.

The result is a significant, innovative vitality in various industrial applications and a technical and economic competitive advantage.