In a dystopic future, the human race is concentrated in large metropolises where every citizen has the opportunity to rise to a higher rank by conquering the top step of the podium, in an interactive fight at the last blow.The bests are destined to become the undisputed champions of ARENA, thus entering the legend.

NK.ARENA is composed of software and hardware and can be used on all new and old NK.01 (adult model) and NK.M (Mid size model). Also bumper cars equipped with PDM (Patent) can upgrade the system with “Arena” or other game.


  1. The main objective of the players is to hit the opponents, trying to accumulate more possible points within the time limit.
  2. Every impact generates a proportional score based on the strength of the collision.
  3. Players can obtain a bonus points to add to their score by hitting the opponents with their car.
  4. During the entire game, the monitor will show the updated ranking in real time
  5.  The classified winners are 1! P 2! P 3! Who can collect the prize: A redemption ticket at the machine with code (as per company’s policy), to be defined.

Read data sheet for more info.