Mid-Size cars are available in different models:

  • Hypnos
  • Charlie
  • Sport 1
  • Sphera
  • VM5
  • NK-Midsize

Kind of floor:
Autoscooter: for adult cars and maxi cars

Two power supply system:
Floor Pick-up System (FPU)
Over Head System (OHS)

Drifting system:
This system can be easily installed on the adult bumper cars (all models).
For the mid-size bumper car it must be required at time of order.

Blue Lights under the car:
This system can be easily installed on the adult bumper cars (all models).

Technical Data


Weight: 138 kg / 1.35 kN

Capacity: 1 adult and 1 children / or 2 children

Size requirements:
Minimum 7.5 sq m / 80.7 sq ft
Recommended 9.5 sq m / 102.25 sq ft

Shipping Volume:12 cars in 1×20’box

Motor power: 0.5 kW

Work’s tension: 40 – 60 V dc

Power supplied system:
floor pick-up (FPU)
over head (OHS)

Special features:
steel chassis galvanized and painted with epoxidy powders
reinforced fiberglass body
mid-size tyre
Safety belts
Rubber carpet
teeth protector

Main options:
colours at request
revolving brush ( OHS only )
head p\rotection pad ( OHS only )
token mechanism
interactive laser gun system
Drifting frame

Passengers restrictions:
Age: minimum 6 years Height: minimum120 cm – Not Accompanied by an adult
Maximum height 170 cm suggested
Children high over 90 Cm (2 years old) as a passengers and accompanied by an adult only if speed selector is set at first allowable speed (≤40V First gear in the control unit).
Minimum passenger age 5 year and 110 cm without any speed limits accompanied by an adult.