It’s a New interactive children’s ride; each car is equipped with two water cannons, featuring a choice of either automatic or manual functions, with riders aiming the water at various effects/targets within three different centrally positioned scenes as the ride revolves.
Notably, the speed of rotation is very slow in order to provide adequate time for players to hit the targets and to enjoy the different scenes.
Fire fighters can be custom made to specific client requirements while optional extras available include additional cars, platforms and fences.
As on today on there are available:
Theme A: Standard desigh
Theme B: Chinatown design

Technical Data



Number of Vehicles: 4-6

Number of Scenes: 3-4 Customized Scenes

Number of Targets: 3 with Lights and Sounds for each scene

Boarding: Simultaneous

Water Rifle (Manual or Automatic)
Wooden made track

Shipping Volume: 1×40′ box

Voltage: 3phase + neutral + earth (230/380/415 V)

Motive power: 5 kW

Noise level: less than 80db