Product is developed for the transportation of passengers in gondolas along a closed monorail.
The gondolas will move automatically in all the parts of the monorail except in the station area where the operator controls manually the movement of the cars.
The speed of the gondolas is approx. 0,6m/s; (1.2m/s or 1.6m/s are special project and depending of the track design) in order to prevent cars collision and to guarantee a correct distance between the gondolas, each gondola is supplied with an anti-collision system by photoelectric switches.

Example – Technical information for 12 gondolas in a 275mt track

  • Voltage : As available in the installation place
  • Frequency : As available in the installation place
  • Number of phases : 3
  • Total power of the ride : max. 22KW
  • Car speed : 0,6 m/s
  • Car capacity : max 4 adults
  • Track length : approx. 275mt. (Standard Design)
  • Number of car supplied : 12
  • Ride hourly capacity : approx. 400 passengers
  • Weight of each car : approx. 400Kg
  • Minimum turning radius : 3800mm

Safety systems

  1. The gondola’s gate is provided with safety electric locking system that is automatically locked in all the parts of the monorail except in the station where is unlocked to allow the loading and unloading of the passengers.
  2. The station is provided with entry and exit gate that are normally closed and will be opened automatically only to allow the passage of the gondolas.

Emergency situation
In case of loss of energy, the gondolas remain stopped and the gondola’s gate locked.

NOTE: the manufacturer suggests the customer to provide the power supply line to the ride control panel to an emergency generator in ordeer to allow all of the gondolas to reach the station area in case of loss of energy.

Technical Data


Weight gondolas 400 Kg
Nr of gondolas according to the length
Gondola capacity Max 4 adults
Capacity 400 passenger per hour (standard track 275m)
Gondola Speed 0,6 m/sec (optional 1,2 m/sec)
Minimum turning radius 3800 mm
Shipping volume N/A
Boarding Simultaneous
Voltage 3phase + neutral + earth (230/400/415 V)
Motive power (each gondola) 1.85 kW
Noise level min. 80db