The ride is basically composed of a base which has the rear composed of two large parallel and curved sections with their points turned in order to make a concave track.

  • A trolley , bearing a vehicle, slides on this track. The vehicles has a maximum capability for 24 people fastened to the seats thorough solid handholds. This vehicle rotates on its axis through the electro-mechanical transmission. The access to the vehicle is facilitated by a platform equipped with gates in order to allow the rotation.
  • The combination of the track wave-like motion (reversible and with an adjustable speed) of the vehicle, creates a suggestive movement, which is of a certain fun for the passengers.
  • This attraction can be equipped with various theme vehicles.

Technical Data


Weight: 8000 Kg / 78.4 kN – 9350 Kg / 91.7 kN (full load)

Total capacity: 24 seats

Hourly capacity: 360 passengers

Revolving Speed: 10 RPM

Boarding: Simultaneous

Shipping Volume: 2×40’ot

Voltage: 3phase + neutral + earth (230/400/415 V)

Motive power: 10 kW