Launch Coasters Technology

I.E.Park’s worldwide reputation for creativity, flexibility, design, production skills, quality and service make it one of the most admired companies in the amusement industry.

I.E.PARK designs and manufactures indoor and for outdoor gravity roller coaster.

The current range of rollercoasters consists of 2 and 3 pipe track designs.

All I.E.Park roller coaster incorporate the most updated technologies in construction control and safety in respect to international norms EN and ASTM , CSEI, GOST .

Particular consideration is given to low vibration and noise level, the smooth linear flow of the rollercoaster track and safety.

Permanent magnetic brakes permit the safest operation and low maintenance levels.

Roller coaster train are equipped with adjustable lap bars depending on the various models.

Today the variety of roller coaster available is from 46 mt to 460 mt of track, with 38 different layouts which are constantly being expanded.

The acceleration (g-force) of I.E.Park roller coasters goes from a minimum of 1.8 g to a maximum of 4.5 g.

Launch coaster is a modern form of roller coaster initiates a ride with high amounts of acceleration powered by a LEM SYSTEM (Linear Eddy Current Motorized drive in which there is no contact between the moving and the stationary parts. This mode of acceleration powers many of the fastest rollercoasters in the world and permit to have roller coaster also in the areas where there is not much available height.

I.E.Park launch coaster are characterized by an acceleration of up to 4.5g and the maximum speed is 17 m/s.


IEPARK pioneered the technology of the Inductive Magnetic Launch Coaster on the high energy DRIFTER coaster consisting in single car (spinning) twelve seater, launched into an 3D oval shaped track for a RC of 26×15 mt footprint reaching 3,5g force.

The positive feedback of this researrch and investment in this new technology, tested now with two projects (Sochi Park (RU)– outdoor And Yas Mall (UAE) – indoor), lead to the acceptance to the technological challenge to apply the same technology to a train of cars, for a custom made coaster for Place Vendome – Qatar.

The project occupied IEPARK’s staff and all collaborators such Eng. G. Pasquale, Eng. A.Sorgente, Eng. M.Begotti, Eng. M. Saccani, Eng. N. Zonno, Eng. F. Prescuttini. Eng. M.Donelli  for all 2019 and 2020 untill the product was successfully tested at IEPARK’s Factory (Reggio Emilia – Italy) in October 2020, therafter dismounted and delivered to Qatar, where will be installed in spring 2021.


It’s a new patented solution for launchers and other type of drives for the fun ride industry.

The LEM is a device capable of launching ( or pushing or even braking ) the cars in roller coasters.

It has a behaviour quite similar to a linear asynchronous motor, in that there is no contact between the moving and the stationary parts and also because both can launch ( or trim the speed of) vehicles passing at any speed without requiring synchronization.

The main difference is that the LEM accumulates energy into flywheels, so it does not require the peak of electrical power that’s typical of linear motors.

The principle on which LEM is based is the same as for magnetic brakes: a conductor (aluminum or copper) passes in the magnetic field generated by a permanent magnets.

If one is stationary and the other one is moving, eddy currents are generated in the conductor and a braking action occurs; if conductor is moving at a higher speed than the magnet, the latter is pushed.

The moving conductor, in the case of LEM’s, is a disk turning on the same axis as a flywheel and a standard asynchronous motor: the motor will reaccelerate the disk after the launch, in order to launch the next vehicle, but the energy for launching is supplied in a very short time by the flywheel.

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