A fixed base resting on 6 threaded supports which together transmit the loads produced by the structure to the spread load frame.
The sideways forces are braked by the friction between the supports and the spread load frame.
A rotating framework connected to the supporting structure by means of a toothed base bearing which is driven by 2 gear motors.
The rotating frame mounts the arms which support the plate and 3 rotating platform.
The plate turn (np = 8rpm) around its centre axis tilted 5° off the vertical.
The 3 rotating platforms mount 4 arms each and at the end of each arm is assembled a car, free to turn around an axis tilted 15° respect the plate axis.
The rotating platforms turn (ng = 24 rpm) around their centre axis parallel with the plate axis.

Technical Data


Weight: 196 KN/ 20t (full load 223 KN/22.7 t)

Nr of gondolas: 12

Gondola capacity: 3 adults

Total capacity: 36 adults

Hourly capacity: 540 passenger

Rotating Platform speed: 24 rpm

Rotating Plate speed: 8 rpm

Boarding: Simultaneous

Shipping Volume: 2×40′ ot

Voltage: 3phase + neutral + earth (230/400/415 V)

Motive power: 76 kW