The attraction is made up of a base on which two columns are fixed. An oval-shaped rail is assembled on the columns.
On the rail ride two motored carriages to which vehicles are hanged.
The vehicles can comfortable accommodate 2 children and 1 adult, or 4 children.
The fast direction change of the carriage at the beginning of the curve creates a centrifugal force which drives the vehicle externally.
The attraction can be custom made to specific client requirements.

Technical Data


Weight: 88.26 KN/ 9t (full load 101.98 KN / 10.4t)

Nr of gondolas: 8

Total capacity: 24 passengers

Total capacity: 360 passengers per hour

Revolving Speed: 1,55 m/s

Shipping volume: 2×40’ ot

Noise level: less than 80db

Boarding: Simultaneous

Voltage: 3phase + neutral + earth (230/400/415 V)

Motive power: 18 kW