The ride is essentially made up of a base on ground on which a vertical structure supports two transmissions.
Motion is supplied simultaneously by two asynchronous motors.
The two transmissions are linked to an arm, which trough base bearing the passengers unit is fixed (Capable to contains 10 passengers).
Every single seats of the unit is supply with shoulder harness; its status is controlled prior an operating cycle and still during the cycle.
By receiving motion from the motors, the transmissions make the arms simultaneously rotate them (safety chain connect the two arms) on a vertical surface, at the same time the passengers unit rotate on the same surface.
Thanks to acceleration, deceleration, possibility to decrease and increase speed (21 rpm max) make an amusing attraction designed for the whole family.

Technical Data


Weight: 5,3 t – 52 kN (6,05 t – 59,35 kN full load)

Capacity: 10 seats

Operational Speed: 20 Rpm

Shipping volume: 1×40’ot

Noise level: less than 80db

Voltage: 3phase + neutral + earth (230/400/415 V)

Motive power: 22 kW