The spin space is a funny children ride that is usually much appreciated by children of all ages.
The attraction is composed by 6 space gondolas and each gondola can accommodate 4 children each or two adults with one child.
The total capacity of the ride is 24 children or 12 adult with 6 children.

The spin space combines 3 different motions:

  • Rotation: rotating of the 6 arms/gondolas around a central axis
  • Jumping movement: descending and ascending vertical movement of each gondola. The jumping movement is amplified by the air compressor provided with the ride
  • Free Spinning: Each gondola can spin on each central axis during the operation.

The ride is also characterized by safety control system that make sure that the rotation is disabled by the control system during the loading and unloading procedure.
Generally, the ride is provided with a main control panel, an operator panel, an air compressor and electrical cables. Other requirements on request.
This amusement ride is most appreciated for FEC and amusement park. In particular, for indoor use it is important consider that the ride is very compact and can be easily installed in indoor areas. In fact, it needs 8.6m free diameter and approx. 4.3 m height.
Also, the ride can be totally customized since that the gondolas model , central decoration and the colors can be totally themed.

Technical Data


Weight 2750 Kg / 26.97 kN

Nr of gondolas 6

Gondola capacity 4 children or 2 adults

Total capacity 24 children or 12 adults + 6 children

Revolving Speed 4.3 RPM

Boarding Simultaneous

Noise level less than 80db

Hourly Capacity 480 or 360 passengers

Shipping volume 1×20′ box

Voltage 3phase + neutral + earth (230/400/415 V)

Motive power 5 kW