TEA CUP 5/6 m
The main structure is composed of:
A stationary base which rests on the ground by way of 4 threaded support and levelling jacks transmit to the ground all the loads exerted by structure.
A rotating platform connected to the base by way of a toothed thrust bearing and rotated by a geared motor.
The passenger units (cups) are fixed by bolts on the rotating plate, the cups have the possibility to turn around their own axis, Each cup is capable of bearing 4 passengers

TEA CUP 12/15 m
The attraction has been designed and constructed to transport passengers by means of 3 rotating platforms and 3 passenger units, called cups, which are fixed on each of these.
The cups are free to rotate on their own axis; each gondola can contain a maximum of 5 passengers.
The rotating platforms, which rotate on their own axis, are fixed on main rotating plate, which rotates on its own axis in the opposite direction to that of the rotating platforms.

Technical Data


Weight 20,59 KN/2,1 t (31,38 KN/3,2 t Full load)

Nr of gondolas 5

Total capacity 20 Children or 15 Children with 5 Adults

Hourly capacity 300 passengers

Revolving Speed 6 rpm

Shipping volume 1×20’box

Noise level less than 80db

Boarding Simultaneous

Voltage 3phase + neutral + earth (230/400/415 V)

Motive power 0,75 kW