IEPARK’s Drop Tower are engineered using hydraulic and steel ropes of latest technologies.
The experience of vertical drop is a tabù of all ages, but the adrenaline is under control, thanks to the gentle yet sudden drop games created by iepark’s technicians.
Current production line is made of 5 different towers of increasing net stroke.
The seats is 8-10-12-16 seats.
Rotation of the gondola (rpm is option).
Appropriately dimensioned decelerators represent the safest and latest safety unit in case of multiple failures of all controls.
Product is engineered also for standing outdoor with winds of 150km/h and instant impulse of 63mt/sec for 3 sec.
Custom made colors and theming is optional.

Technical Data


Weight: 5600Kg/54.9KN Empty – 6200Kg/60.8KN Full load

Total capacity: 8 adults

Hourly capacity: 120 passengers

Shipping volume: 1×20’ ot

Boarding: Simultaneous

Noise level: <80db Voltage: 3phase + neutral + earth (230/400/415 V)

Motive power: 23 kW